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Charitable Donations

Who Are We?

The Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation (GPCF) is committed to strengthening communities and inspiring philanthropy by:

  • Connecting donors with organizations and causes
  • Investing funds responsibly
  • Giving back to the greater Poweshiek service area
  • Supporting nonprofits
  • Facilitating community partnerships

Why Give Through GPCF?

GPCF is confirmed in compliance with the highest National Standards for U.S. community foundations.  It is on of 15 qualified community foundations in the State of Iowa that allows access to the Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program.  A few years ago, and anonymous donor established 6 endowed funds at GPCF to encourage others to support the Brooklyn community while getting a credit for doing good!

What Is The Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program?

The Endow IA Tax Credit Program allows taxpayers to receive a 25% Iowa tax credit in addition to normal federal charitable income tax deductions for certain charitable gifts made to endowed funds.  Eligible gifts will qualify for credits on a first-come/ first-serve basis until the yearly appropriated limit is reached.  If the current available Endow Iowa Tax Credit have been awarded, qualified donors will be eligible for the next year’s Endow Iowa Tax Credits.

Why Give To Endowed Funds?

Besides getting the Endow IA tax credit, these are permanent funds whose assets are invested to generate an ongoing source of income year after year.  Earnings from the endowments are used to sustain each organization’s mission.

If you would like more information or would like to donate please see the attached pamphlet.


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